When Justin and I married, he agreed to move to the flatland and try his hand vegetable farming with me.

 He missed the hills. So we set out to find a property in the Hocking Hills that would fill that void. When we pulled up to the property that we now call Lost Cavern (because of a striking deep cavern that runs through the middle of the property), our real estate agent immediately tried to talk us out of it. She felt the terrain was too rugged. We loved it. Waterfalls, hemlocks, steep and wild and perfect. Justin does not shy away from daunting projects, and in fact seems to revel in them. And so, with our 4 month old son, Arlo, we decided to stake our claim.

We got to work drawing up plans on any scrap we found. Life was busy!

2020 our first cabin was complete. We call in the Ledge. As with our other pursuits, our blood, sweat, passion and artistic sensibility are engrained in this build. 

In 2021, with two babies, we started building our second cabin. With one cabin under our belt, this second cabin gave us an even better understanding of we wanted to highlight: the wildness of the terrain. We call it the Study, with windows allowing full observation of the natural surroundings. 

We have more projects in mind, and are constantly inspired by the Lost Cavern.