Welcome to our cabin!

Below are "How-To's" to assist you during your stay. 

  • WiFi network: Ledge@LostCaven, password: coffeecavern1965

  • The broom behind the booth can serve as a long arm to reach the fire alarm should it accidentally sound.

  • The Hocking Valley Community Hospital is the nearest, 17 miles away located in Logan. Phone (740) 380-8000. In case of emergency, take OH-664N to get there.

  • Board games are behind the dining booth.

  • There is a fire starter by the fireplace.

  • The heating/cooling is controlled by the Nest thermostat by the TV. (Temps will take awhile to rise/fall because it is hydronic floor heat. Feel free to crack the windows to cool off quickly.)

  • The outside grill is propane. Turn the tank on before use and off after.

  • Our bedrooms feature Purple hybrid mattresses, Brooklinen linen and pillows and Pendleton wool blankets for your sleeping comfort. 

  • Roasting sticks are located in the black storage container with an extra grill LP tank by the hot tub.

  • TV channels are Netflix, YouTube TV (with sports/news/etc). You can airplay your own media accounts with your phones and devices.

  • To play your device on Sonos System “Lounge”: 1.) Connect to LostCavern WiFi 2.) Click “Cast” Button with your Music App 3.) Select Lounge.

  • Hot tub use: make sure all 4 corners are unclipped. The hot tub cover folds in half when opening. Do not use force.

*Please rinse off in the shower before getting in the hot tub. Body/face/hair products will leave an undesirable film in the hot tub if you fail to do so.

  • Please contact us immediately at (740)819-3156 if anything breaks so we can bring replacements before the next guests arrive.

  • Flip the switch by the TV labeled “Cavern” at dark and look below. 

  • Make sure your vehicle is in 4-wheel drive when going up the driveway. (It will keep your tires from spinning.)

  • When checking out, please start the dishwasher on express wash. Do not put loose trash in the trash receptacle in the parking area. That's it! Thanks for staying!